Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter IV

6th June 2009 - AAG's Asuka Shinn brings you another one of his Hints and Tips, this time for the Xbox 360 game: Street Fighter 4. We hope this will help your game experience. This is a Guide for some of the Street Fighter IV Achievements I hope this helps those in need.


World Warrior: First step knowing how to unlock each character they are as follows.

Sakura – Finish Arcade with Ryu

Dan – Clear Arcade with Sakura

Cammy – Clear Arcade with C.Viper

Gen – Clear Arcade with Chun-Li

Fei-Long – Clear Arcade with Abel


Rose – Clear Arcade with M. Bison


Akuma – After unlocking all previous characters, enter Arcade with these settings easiest/1 round/60 seconds and with a character that has previously cleared it for this to be easy use Zangief. You “MUST” get one Perfect and all the rest as normal victories so use Zangief’s double lariat(LB by default control settings) and smash the opposition with it and Akuma should appear just beat Akuma and he’s unlocked.  No Continues allowed.

Gouken – After unlocking Akuma enter Arcade mode again and clear it using Akuma. Now select the character your best with and can pull off their Ultra Combo and that has cleared Arcade before. Then enter with the previous settings except instead of 60 seconds raise it to 99 now you “MUST” follow this for the first round get a Perfect, rounds 2-4 must be won with an Ultra Combo while the remaining rounds are to be standard victories but you must also aim for 5+ first attacks and after beating Seth, Gouken should appear beat him any way you want and he’ll be unlocked. No Continues allowed.


Arcade Rat/Save your Quarters and World Champion:

Now in order to do this you must clear Hardest (well Arcade Rat is medium but we’ll skip ahead) so set the rounds to 1, difficulty Hardest and 30 seconds match time. Select Zangief and just keep using the double lariat like stated earlier for unlocking Akuma and the com will generally block the first hit and get hit by the second which allows you to spam this technique over and over.


Super Combo Master/Champion, Ultra Combo Master/Champion and Sunny Daze:

For those that just want these achievements but can’t bother doing countless matches and hoping for the right conditions to pull these moves/finishers off, well there is the lazy man’s way. Enter the Survival Trial/Normal Stage 1, this way you are able to pull off your Ultras and Supers without restraint I’d recommend Ryu as his is a projectile instead of your standard close range combo. In order to know how to perform Super/Ultra Combo’s just pause the game go to Command List and select the character you are using and practice the input for said move in the Survival, while you’re at it you could also aim for Crowd Pleasing Master, Special Move Master, EX-Cellent Master and Focus Master achievements.


Storied Reputation:

In Order to unlock this you must clear Arcade on the hardest difficulty with every character including those that must be unlocked. The easiest method is the 1 round/30 seconds but with a slight twist when the game actually starts lose the first round on purpose now while on the character select screen pick who ever your best with or Zangief and get to Seth and lose, now re-select who you initially picked and beat Seth now you must repeat for every other character and once the last characters Arcade is cleared you should get the achievement.


Legendary Champion:

For this torturous achievement you actually have to clear Arcade on the hardest difficulty setting and defeat Gouken as well. When you select Arcade make the settings Hardest/1 round/99 seconds now you must achieve 2 Perfects, 3 Ultra Combo finishes and the rest just standard wins but no continues. Select the character your best with and attempt it now here’s a trick if you have a second controller handy use that to start the round over again from the start, try and get your 2 perfects in the first 2 rounds and the 3 ultras straight after and you should encounter Gouken win and you’ll have earned this achievement.


That’s all I can really help with as most of the remaining achievements are online and no real tips or tricks can be given for that, all I can recommend for the online is have fun and enjoy the game and don’t be a sore loser and disconnect just because your getting beaten use it as a learning experience and take note of how that player beat you.