The battle for Helghan gets bigger in Killzone 2!

The battle for Helghan gets bigger in Killzone 2!

3rd May 2009 - Two new map packs are incoming for epic shooter Killzone 2. Lock, load and ready yourself for more explosive action.

If you thought you had explored all of the hostile territory of Killzone 2, prepare yourself for something new to download from PlayStation Store. The Steel and Titanium Map Pack refreshes your Killzone 2 experience with two new environments to bring home the brutal online conflict between military forces ISA and the Helghan army.

Battle it out on the Wasteland Bullet map, a tense firefight on a speeding bullet train where you have to wrestle control of the vehicle from the enemy and watch out for overhead obstacles which can mean an instant and sticky demise.

Then sneak though the claustrophobic corridors of the Vekta Cruiser map, where you struggle for dominance on a vast ship which has danger around every corner.

Are you up to the challenge of Steel and Titanium? Download the Map Pack from PlayStation Store and test your Killzone 2 mettle.