The gloves are off: Danny Green enters the virtual ring for the launch of The Fight on PlayStation 3

5th November 2010 - Danny Green introduced a new training regime to the boxing world yesterday as he stepped into the virtual ring to compete in The Fight™, the highly anticipated PlayStation Move motion control game that is exclusive to PlayStation 3 (PS3™).


In this key training period, just two weeks out from his hugely anticipated title fight against US contender BJ Flores on 17 November, Danny Green took part in a pre-fight warm up, with PlayStation Move motion controllers in hand, against his world-class sparring partner. Adding a virtual element to his rigorous training regime, Danny upped the ante as he punched, ducked and moved around the ring, without boxing glove or punch bag in sight.


Delivering unparalleled innovation through the interplay with the PlayStation Eye camera to track the player’s movement, location and orientation, PlayStation Move reacts with incredible precision to the smallest actions and movements – making for a lifelike level of control and a very immersive gaming experience.


“The Fight is the real deal. PlayStation Move allows you to train like you would for a real fight. Every weave, duck and jab, using the PlayStation Move motion controller is tracked by the PlayStation Eye camera and replicated on screen ensuring you really are at the heart of the game. It’s all about focus and patience looking for that big punch, exactly as I do against an opponent in the ring,” said Australian Champion Boxer, Danny Green. “After just three minutes of virtual fighting, I’m pumped and feel like I’ve been involved in actual sparring session.”


The Fight, exclusive to PlayStation 3 and also available to play in stereoscopic 3D, brings the world of street fighting to your living room. Set in the gritty underworld of street fighting; whether you fancy yourself as a bare knuckle boxer or heavyweight champ, users can battle it out with the toughest of underground brawlers.


Guaranteed to get you off the couch and your heart pumping, The Fight complements the precision and accuracy of PlayStation Move, offering a gaming experience unlike anything available on the market.


The Fight is available in all major retailers from 11th November for RRP $59.95.