Top 5 Dreamcast Games That Should Come To The XBLA

Top 5 Dreamcast Games That Should Come To The XBLA

Although the Dreamcast didn’t last long, it had one of the best game libraries courtesy of some classic games that development studios of Sega made.  In this article we look at 5 Dreamcast Games that should come to the Xbox Live Arcade.


5. Virtua Tennis

Although Virtua Tennis 2009 is soon to be released on the Xbox 360, the game that started it all on the Dreamcast would be awesome to see on XBLA.  Despite the Top Spin series and Virtua Tennis 2 & 3, the original is still one of my favourite games of all time and was my first game purchased when I bought my Dreamcast more than 4 years ago.

4. Resident Evil: Code Veronica

With the release of the more action driven Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil fans have come out in force with their analysis of the game.  Before Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil: Code Veronica was one of the best versions of the franchise to be released.  With a more horror driven game that die- hard fans of Resident Evil love, Resident Evil: Code Veronica would be a welcome addition to the XBLA.

3. Street Fighter III: Third Strike

Street Fighter IV being released on the next gen systems sparked the interest of old time Street Fighter fans and fighting game fans in general.  Newcomers to the series will most likely not have played Street Fighter III: Third Strike.  Street Fighter III: Third Strike was very different to SF2 as a whole host of new characters were introduced and only a couple from Street Fighter II were kept.  The Dreamcast version was a very faithful arcade conversion and would be a great alternative to Street Fighter 4 if released on the XBLA.

2. Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi was one of the most enjoyable games on the Dreamcast.  The idea of picking up passengers and taking them to their destinations as quick as possible may sound like it would get boring quick, but doing it with an awesome soundtrack that consisted mostly of Offspring and Bad Religion songs coupled with a whole host of mini games made Crazy Taxi last for ages. Crazy Taxi would be an awesome addition to the XBLA library.

1. Daytona USA 2001

The original Daytona is an arcade classic and still exists in most arcade parlours today.  Daytona USA 2001 was an extension of the arcade classic with additional tracks that were exclusive to the Dreamcast.  Daytona USA 2001 even included an online racing component.  Bringing this game to XBLA and integrating an excellent online component over Xbox Live is an absolute must!!!!


Written By: Craig Cirillo